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DPR Full Form In English 

DPR - Data Production Request

DPR - Definition Phase Review

DPR - Deployment Pointing Panels

DPR - Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar

DPR- Department (al) Performance Report

DPR-  Department of Pesticide Regulation (California)

DPR - Denver Parks and Recreation (Denver, CO)

DPR - Department of Professional Regulation

DPR - Department of Plant Resources (Nepal)

DPR - Designated Pass Rusher (football)

DPR - Dermatopathia Pigmentosa Reticularis

DPR - Diesel Particulate Active Reduction (Hino)

DPR- Dream Perfect Regime (music and video group)

DPR- Digital Photography Review

DPR - Department of Parks and Recreation

DPR- Default Project

DPR - Dynamic Physical Rendering

DPR- Digital Pattern Recognition

DPR - Delphi Project

DPR - Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (Indonesia)

DPR - Democratic People's Republic (of Korea)

DPR -  Digital Plug Ready (slot cars)

DPR- Detailed Project Report

DPR - Departmental Performance Report

DPR- Damage per Round (gaming)

DPR- Data Processing Request

DPR - Design Problem Report

DPR- Deep Profile Roof

DPR - Display Non-Nodal Routing (US DoD)

DPR-  Dynamic Processor Resilience

DPR - Doctor-Patient Relationship (healthcare)

DPR- Dual-Port Ram

DPR - Drill Pipe Riser

DPR -Data Protection Register (UK)

DPR - Dread Pirate Roberts (band)

DPR - Data Protection and Retention

DPR - Dividend Payout Ratio

DPR - Daily Progress Report

DPR  - Division for Palestinian Rights (UN)

DPR- Development Policy Review (Wiley publication)

DPR - Device Pixel Ratio (image optimization)

DPR- Department of Petroleum Resources (Nigeria)

DPR- Daily Periodic Rate

DPR- Delphi Project (computer filename extension)

DPR- DC Parks and Recreation (Washington, DC)

DPR - Degree Progress Report (education)

DPR - Dynamic Physical Rendering (Intel)

DPR -  Differential Police Response

DPR - Defense Performance Review

DPR- Design Process Review

DPR -  Dedicated Protection Ring

DPR - Dynamic Path Reconnect

DPR - Department Program Review

DPR- Degrees Per Revolution

DPR -Discrete Partial Rotation

DPR -Departmental Program Review

DPR  - Dynamic Power Reproducibility (Agilent)

DPR - Digital Present

DPR  - Donetsk People's Republic (self-proclaimed state)

DPR  - Division of Professional Regulation (various locations)

DPR  -  Donetsk People's Republic (self-proclaimed state)

DPR  - Division of Professional Regulation (various locations)

DPR  -  Deadline-Driven Proactive Resource Allocation

DPR  - Diversified Payment Rights (future flows securitization)

DPR  - Disconnect-Peer-Request (communication termination command)

DPR  - Décoration Peinture Revêtement (French: Decorative Paint Coating)

DPR - Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica (Italian Republic presidential decree)

DPR  - Direction des Produits Réglementés (French: Regulated Products Directorate)