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ODB(ओडीबी) का फुलफॉर्म in Airport Code – Cordoba है,ODB Full Form,Odb Meaning, Odb ka मतलब kya हैं, ओड़ब Stand फॉर,ODB Stand For,Short form,long form,

ODB Full Form in Hindi/ ODB फुलफॉर्म हिंदी

ODB(ओडीबी) का फुलफॉर्म in Airport Code – Cordoba है

ODB Full Form Of Another/All Full Form

  • Organiser Data Base (Hardware)
  • Operational Data Book (Space Science)
  • Optional Dental Benefit (Job Title)
  • Our Daily Bread (Journals & Publications)
  • Optical Diagnostic Beamline (Research & Development)
  • Ordem Dos Biólogos (Professional Associations)
  • Operations Data Base (General Computing)
  • Orbit Determination Beacon (Tech Terms)
  • Optimum Development Bank (Banking)
  • Oh Dayum Board (Messaging)
  • OODLABARI (Indian Railway Station)
  • Ontario Drug Benefit (Accounts and Finance)
  • Operational Detachment Bravos (Military)
  • Offset Deformable Barrier (Land Transport)

  • Object Database (Database Management)
  • Ol Dirty Bastard (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Of Dependency Benefits (Rules & Regulations)